Wednesday, January 05, 2005

happy new year!

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Oh the weather outside is frightful

So the overwhelming consensus among east coasters regarding my return from the west is that I simply must be a masochist. Perhaps twenty degrees doesn't seem cold to some folks (perhaps those indigenous to Saskatchewan) but to me, it is arctic. It may be partially due to the fact that I currently have to heat in my car. For whatever reason my thermostat simply does not wish to cooperate with me. In the 120 degree heat of an Arizona summer day it decided that it did not want to open and cool my engine, thus my car was overheating. Now that I need my car to be producing heat the blasted contraption has decided to stay open all the time---which means that my engine is not getting warm (since it is being constantly cooled by my incessantly open thermostat) and thus; I have no heat. Super, because we all know I adore cold weather. The hunt is on for a new job. Actually it has been for some time, but I have officially given my two weeks notice. Oh what a glorious feeling. I have never actually written a formal letter of resignation before, I suddenly felt very adult and important. I finally have the type of job where I actually have to "resign" and notify personnel --and of course I am resigning and notifying yeah, I've come a long way baby. The one thing that constantly pops into my head regarding my current position is that scene in "Office Space" where Peter confronts Jennifer Aniston's character Joanna about sleeping with Lumberg and he says..."my unholy pig of a boss---he represents all that is soulless and wrong!"...I think that sums it all up pretty well.....

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

yeah, i pretty much rock at living.

Friday, December 10, 2004

maybe it's the rain

because i've posted more in the last 24 hours than i do believe since i started--just wanted to say if you're one of those friends that is "not pictured here" you simply must send me photos for several reasons; 1) so i can embarrass you without your concent by posting bad photos on the web 2) so my east coasters can put faces to drunkenly slurred names from awesome stories...and perhaps most importantly 3) so i can see your beautiful mugs :)

life goes easy on me...most of the time

  • well kids---we have hit that point where it is once again time for me to move! i know--try to hide your surprise....i am officially starting graduate school at west chester university and moving to a bitchin' apartment near the school. two floors, washer, dryer, dishwasher, hard wood floors, two bedrooms, two full--yes full bathrooms, new renovation; paint, kitchen, appliances....oh man is it awesome--and heat and water are included in rent and cable is split between the bottom floor apartment and ours. no pet rent or deposit, big fenced in back yard---what more could a girl and her dog want? moving in just after christmas, i'm psyched....and aparently regressing back to the 80', i am awesome. as i told amber recently---i pretty much rock at living--
  • on the less interesting side of things... my current employment is shall we say less than satisfactory...ha! it's bloody rediculous quite actually. i am working swing shifts at the hospital and i occassionally do some things that i really enjoy but for the most part it is a whole lot of bs. i have so many everyone must be at my apartment for new year's so we can share:) but essentially i am in the process once again of searching for a new job. one where i will be much happier and have normal hours. right now i am working three different shift....primarily days and nights---and by nights i mean 11 pm to 7:30 an average week is day shift monday (7 am - 3:30 pm) night shift tuesday and wednesday, off friday, night shift saturday and sunday, evening monday, off tuesday, begin say the least---and i do mean the least, it sucks. i have become quite the miserable person these days...just as anthony;) i told britni the other night, i don't think it sucks so much to be me right now so much as it is bad to be my friends and family right now....since i'm so crochety and basically i'm just trying to find something that pays pretty well that is close to my new place so i'm not driving to east jahbip to get to work. i'm not going to curse any current job prospects by talking about them so you'll just have to wait another two months to find out where i'm actually working then...but i can assure you that it will not be the hospital for much longer. i'm doing the crazy swing shift crap that residents and attendings do without the pay that docs get....can i get a ''aw hehhhhl no." ah, well, such is life. by january i will, at the very least, not be working here--and i will hopefully be working elsewhere, maybe--probably outside the field but hey, it's okay because i'll have my master's in a few years, the field will still be there, might as well make some money in the mean time right?
  • so this is christmas...nice to be home for the holidays, nice to know all of my loved ones will be together. the newest member of my extended family should be arriving any day now as well. my sister expects to have jaylynn elizabeth within the next couple of days---and i'm close enough to see her routinely. awesome. well i think that is a relatively comprehensive review for now. i believe i will leave you--maybe i'll be inspired to update more frequently...ha, i won't even call it a new year's resolution--they're all crap. well, hope this finds everyone well, happy holidays!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Amber, myself and Nicole at our end of the year kegger:) good times kids...good times:)

me, sky and beth at sky's pimpin' office in midtown manhattan.

Tempe town lake on another beautiful arizona day

jason and i and the beginning of an era...karaoke night at the coffee house :)

ain't sippin' unless it's cristal...

well i guess it's the two month mark or perhaps the odd and rare combination of free time and cognitive ability these days that has inspired this little update---at any rate i've been feeling quite nostalgic for arizona these days...maybe it's amber's rapidly approaching graduation (i'm so proud of you one and only reader ;) ) but man we had some good times. i absolutely adore all of the people i met there---i realize that two years is a phenomenally small amount time to know someone but i honestly cannot imagine my life without these cast of characters---thank you guys for changing my life, making me deliriously happy and giving me the world:) i love you:)!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

us being fabulous in mexico:)  Posted by Hello

Oh yes indeed it's fun time

time for a tri-monthly update to no one i do believe:) i suppose you could officially consider me a member of the 'working stiffs' since i am now gainfully employed with a real job that is actually in my field and using my degree----and has benefits---crazy huh? had an interview after a fabulous weekend in new york with ana, beth, matt and sky ---because they are the most wonderful and super people in the world...i don't know what i did but i would like to officially thank the cosmos for giving me such amazing any rate--got back, had an interview and got the job! i am a "mental health worker" at a hospital in my area. i do patient assessment, psych. evals, placement, emergency admits and all that good stuff. i'm so excited--even if i come to hate this job it will still look wicked good on a grad school app. and yes, i'm still trying to make that happen. i have however, decided to be responsible and globally conscious and deemed that going to india at this point is not really economically (for me) and politically (since pakistan is testing missiles that could carry nukes far enough to bomb any city in india) the best decision right now. ---but it will be some day. so i just got back from an amazing week in---.....i know this is going to sound strange.....---pittsburgh that's right, amazing week in pittsburgh. went out to dinner at a beautiful restaurant, hung out in the city, went to visit our old university, plaid with the guinner---who of course accompanied i travel without her? carved pumpkins, made dinner, painted wine glasses, went shopping, slept in, just hung out---perfect:) just an awesome week---just had to share:) i'm pretty sure guinness had a blast too because tony has three cats and she had an awesome time staring them down and chasing them maniac...well i just thought i would throw a brief update out there since i'm enjoying my last week of freedom before officially becoming a slave to the man---

Thursday, August 12, 2004

so...when do we eat? Posted by Hello


well. back in pa---for now. i am bored out of my skull right now so i figured i would write a bit in an attempt to entertain myself. i'm hoping that some time soon my head will start flooding with thousands of little things that i want to say but i seem to be having no luck with that. the only thing i can really think of is how irritating this keyboard is because the space-bar sticks like a mutha and you have to thumb-punch it down just to separate your words.....which also means that my patience is running and soon to be out and i would love some coffee so maybe i'll try this again later....